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Welcome here.Cahaya Kebijaksanaan itu maksud namaku ^^v
Nur Fatini bt Mohd Fuad. 28 0ct. A girl who is...Talkative. Hyperactive. and Creative. Teehee. 'Aku'. Maaf itu habit.
Berapa kali jatuh itu tidak bernilai, yang dikira adalah berapa kali kita bangkit. If Allah says yes, nobody can say no. Andai berdakwah, jangan buang namamu daripada senarai penerima dakwah.
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Future posted on Sunday, 24 November 2013 { 09:32

"...It may happen that you hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that you love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, while you know not."
                                                                                                       -Al-Baqarah ; 216

Assalamualaikum warohmatullahiwabarokatuh anddddd hi :)

I'm a girl who is trying to improve my English.

So I'll like to type in English for this entry. It's okay and do feel free to laugh at me, or talk something bad or do whatever that you want if there is any mistake because I don't really care. Do correct me and feel free to do it by contacting me. Just do whatever you want. And please, do read :p

So.......................aaaaaaaaaaaaaa okay okay I'm not in my serious mood. And aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa ehem wait, wait I'm now trying to be a bit friendly. Pretending to be amicable. Oh hi how are you and how's life?


To me, future is something that is really scary, disappointed things, exciting and many -ing. Ofcourse when we think about something that is really fun for us to think, then we will smile and giggling. But when we think about a gloomy future, something that may be a nightmare to us then we will be scared, also feel sad.

I'm a human. I have imagination. Although I'm not too creative to think and creating something new like those Robotic Club's members in my college also SEM Scientific Category's participants but I am also an imaginative. I always imagine about my future, where will I be in the next 10 years, my future occupation, going travelling to UK India Russia yada yada all around the world, having my own car house laptop smartphone bungalow apartment castle island beach own husband and family opss. Blablabla.

'Cause He (Allah) knows the best.

Today, I have a conversation.

I don't know and wonder why. But lately they, no no my mom was just like being a bit conquering. Ok we are just talking about my future and my occupation. What will I go for my studies blalalala. But comparing to few last years, my parents freely give me chance to think and decide my own future. For them, I can go for whatever that I want, anything that I interested. Not only me, but also my siblings. 6 of us.

Mom : Blalalalalalalala...
Me : Haha, but this holiday, I only sleep for 6 hours everyday. Yeah well, another two years, I just can have my sleep for only 3 hours each day...
Mom : Why?
Me : Because I'll be a doctor. Hehe.
Mom : That's why I told you to be a Mathematics teacher. At least, you have enough time for you.
Me : But I want to be a doctor.
Mom : It's okay for you when you are still unmarried, but actually it's quite hard after having your own family.
Me : But mom...
Mom :  You must be always busy. Having no time for your husband also children.
Me : Hmm, I don't know. I always want to be a doctor. Hmm if actually fated to me to be a teacher, then I'll be a teacher. If I was fated to be a doctor. Then I'll be a doctor. It's okay. There still time. Before I make my own choice, I'll perform istikharah prayer.
Mom : Okay then. If you say so.
Me : ...
*actually we have our conversations in Malay, but since this entry was set in English then all of our conversations were translated. Maybe it's a bit different with the original version. hehe.

For seriously, I tell you that I always have my difficulty, hard times when thinking about my future, especially my occupation. Because I always wonder, what is actually had been fated to me?

Mother. A mother always has their own feeling about what is the best for her children. Seriously. I always had been in the situation which was decided by her. And guess what, sometimes I do feel bad about those condition but slowly I started to like and even love that situation that I've been through and am going through. And what can I concluded, a mother knows which is better for her sons also daughters.

What am I gonna be?

Allah had ever said in Surah ar-Ra'd ; 11,

"Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves."

Well, seeing those words made me think and conclude that we actually must put our own effort on creating our future. Always put your trust in Him and never forget to do'a also strive and struggle to be someone that you want to be.

Nothing is impossible. Eventhough you wanna be a superhero, superwoman or whoever that you always dream to be. Go for it and just be yourself.

"Just be yourself because everyone else has been taken."

May Allah bless all of us. Do pray for our success. InsyaAllah.