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Grats Myself posted on Saturday, 30 May 2015 { 10:48


Again, today's entry just about my ownself having an experience going out alone yayyyyy. lol

Masturdate. It is a word which is being used in this urban world. It is d and not b. Please have a good idea okayyy. And it means, going out alone. Sounds alone right?

Well yeah. Today i went masturdate and it just so awkward as I have no one to talk to. I've come to Langkawi accompanying my mum whose having her meeting here. She didnt give me a permission to wandering around alone. Fortunately, the hotel we're staying is just besides a mall and it is just in one building. So I decided to go out and have my precious time with myself. Treating me for having come and never spending time alone at the cinema hahaha. Sounds weird.

I wandered around. From one floor to another floor. Searching for cinema which I didnt even can find after going up escalators through three floors. Escalator ended. And Im lost. So I decided to go window shopping.

For seriously, this is my first time going window without any money except the 50 note my mom had given me this morning. I had never have the passion into clothes shopping when Im alone as I am someone who is willing to spend my penny on books rather than those handbaggy shoes and clothes yada yada.

Starting from a spa shop which had some body shampoo perfume blablabla that had fragrance, then I went to clothes shop. And I didnt even know why am I so attracted into a trousers. I am someone who also really into bags. Any bags especially backpack. Just because I am short of money, so I canceled my intention to own those bags which look sparkling on my eyes calling me to have them.

A trouser captured my heart and now I am its new owner since the price is also affordable hohoho

Then I went to another shop and shop and shop. Stop after a shop which sells white shirts full of knit patterns, again my heart melts. I rummaged through all those shirts and really excited as they are having sales for male and unisex clothes. Ohmyyyy.

And a shirt has been successfully owned by me.

Then I realised of my money which had left only below than 10 ringgit so then I walked to a food court and have my own lunch. I felt really alone to eat only by myself especially since people around me are eating with their partners and friends. Then I proceed to the cinema which is located at the 10th floor. I needed to take an elevator to go up there. As I'm a girl, it scares me a little when I have to confront a group of only-boys in the elevator. In or not? And my body reflexes to go in.

At the 10th floor, the cinema isnt opening yet. And only the boys are going outside to check. One of them are blocking the elevator. They looked at me. Maybe they realised my worried face. Alhamdulillah they are just some ordinary boys. But maybe I still have to be careful after this when masturdating.

It is not to think negatively, but female should have this feeling just to always be careful of everything as we are also a community of having lesser strength compared to the men.

At 1 pm, I went there as one of the seller told me that the cinema is on only from 1 pm and so on until the late night.

watching Tomorrowland alone, plus there is nobody besides me at the left and right. Not only there's only few spaces or whatnot but the row is empty! left out and this is really my first time to go movie alone. Feeling excited alone, talking to myself, commenting the movies only in my heart, ignoring the spaces, I was having my own room to feel like it is my lone time. 2 hours in the dark with only Casey, Frank Walker and Athena in front of my eyes.

Getting some fries from the Marrybrown, walking throughout the first floor, searching the chocolates and windowing shoes and I went back to hotel with the fries is still in my hand.

Maybe it sounds quite sad and pitiful. But it is a quite good experience. Feel like there is only our time. Since nobody knows me here, I went to talk to random people like the seller and tourist just like me. It is nice get to know people though it is only at the mall. Managing own money in my country. And the biggest shocking things is the fact that I went to shop clothes by myself after windowing cause it had never happened before and yayyy congrats for making another record. Hahaha okbye.

My evening was with my lovely mom we went to Tapak Beras Basah and Pantai Chenang and Alhamdulillah time well spent. Full stop.